Unable to open Source Control Explorer (it's disappeared)

If the "Source Control" node has disappeared from your Team Explorer tab and you are unable to open it using the "View > Other Windows > Source Control Explorer" item menu, then try with this solution (tested for VS2010):

  1. Close Microsoft Visual Studio
  2. Open Windows Explorer and enter into your "c:\Users\yourAccount\AppData\Local\Microsoft"
  3. Create a backup copy of the folder "Team Foundation".
  4. Now delete the folder "Team Foundation" (it contains cached datas and configuration).
  5. Re-open Microsoft Visual Studio and reconfigure your TFS access.
  6. If the problem is solved then you can remove the backup copy created in step n. 3 otherwise use it to restore the original folder.
WARNING: after deleting the folder "Team Foundation" you will need to reconfigure the connection with your TFS. Please be sure to know TFS url of your server.

SQL DB Project and column renaming

Do you use Microsoft Visual Studio SQL Database Project?
Do you need to rename all columns of a table? (ok, it's a rare operation).

Please pay a lot of attention because deploy and schema compare functions don't warn you that the table will be dropped and recreated... with a completely data loss!!!

This strange and dangerous behavior doesn't happen when you rename less columns.

The work-around is to manually add sql script to "copy and paste" the datas from old to new table.

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Unable to create TeamProject on TFS 2010

Are you stucked during creation of a Team Project on Team Foundation Server 2010?

Does the progress bar hangs at 90% of the creation?

Have you found an error event on tfs server (application event log) that talks something about Lab Management and a Virtual Server Manager 2008 R2?

Do you confirm that your TFS is not configured for Lab Management?

Do you confirm you actually don't need the Lab Management feature?

Ok, pay attention 'cause process template MSF Agile 5.0 requires Lab Management configured.

A good and easy work-around is to create a new process template based on MSF Agile 5.0 removing the Lab Mangement section. - Posted using my iPhone

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